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Mankind: 1; Uber: 0

Get with Gett before Skynet takes over.

leungchopan / Shutterstock

Even as Uber CEO Travis Kalanick contemplates the driverless, robot dystopia of future passenger travel, one rival has gone so far in the other direction one of its passengers actually created life in the backseat.

New Yorker Nancy Kim couldn’t wait a second longer after a 120 block race to the hospital in the back seat of a white BMW from taxi-hailing service Gett. Kim gave birth to her newborn son in front of Columbia University’s Medical Center last Thursday.

Coincidentally, Gett, or GetTaxi, the lesser known rival to Uber, was also the target of a local “dirty tricks” campaign by Uber earlier this year, according to Valleywag.

Gett head of marketing Brooke Mooreland said by email: “Our drivers really are the best. Juliet (Ambrose) did a great job getting the couple to the hospital quickly and safely. The couple was clearly pleased with us — they booked a Gett to bring the baby home from the hospital too! I’m so happy for them and thankful everything worked out so well!”

More to the point: In the battle between Robot and Mankind, we know where we’re putting our money. (More in the New York Daily News)

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