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How Kim Kardashian and Your iPhone Picked Your Pocket, Weaponized Sound Waves and More #Mustreads

Kim Kardashian doesn't need your cash, but she's getting it anyway. How does that happen?

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Good morning!

Here’s some of what we’re reading up on at Re/code:

  1. Valleywag’s Nitasha Tiku has a hard time saving money; she blames Kim Kardashian, Uber and Seamless.
  2. Did you think Silicon Valley was morphing into Wall Street? The Atlantic will set you straight.
  3. Stories about pro athletes and performance-enhancing drugs are common. But this one, from Matter, involves both Alex Rodriguez and a hyperbaric chamber.
  4. Sure, OkCupid and Facebook aren’t the only companies experimenting with your life. But that’s not a great defense, Natasha Lennard argues in Vice News.
  5. Weaponized sound waves aren’t anything new, but a piece in Motherboard raises some scary questions about what governments could be doing with high-frequency sonic blasts.

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