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Google Sends Hangouts to Work, Enhances Chromebox for Meetings

More video chatting at the office.


Google today enhanced two versions of its business-oriented video conferencing products, Hangouts and Chromebox for Meetings.

In moves announced in a company blog post, the search giant said it will push Google Hangouts, a video service that was initially launched for consumers, deeper into its Google Apps for business service, and will support it as it does the business-level versions of Gmail and GDrive.

Starting today, Google Apps customers will have access to Hangouts, including those who haven’t created a Google+ profile. Each hangout will allow as many as 15 different participants. It also said it will allow customers of video conferencing services Blue Jeans and InterCall to join Hangouts.

The same post said that starting in September, computing company Dell will sell a version of the Chromebox for Meetings product Google first announced in February. New features include the ability to connect it to more than one display at a time and new management capabilities for administrators.

Google Hangouts was first adapted as a tool for business users last year.

Google first announced the Chromebox for Meetings product in February, with plans for the relevant gear to be sold by Asus, Hewlett-Packard and Dell. It said Dell will start selling its version of the product in September.

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