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How a Wikipedia Hoax Becomes the Truth, Sarah Palin Starts Selling Subscriptions and Other #Mustreads

Two stoned college kids pranked Wikipedia editors, and the rest of the Internet, for five years.


Happy hump day!

Here’s a reading list to get you through the day, brought to you by Re/code:

  1. Turns out the Internet is not a self-cleaning truth oven, after all: The Daily Dot explains how two stoned college kids edited Wikipedia to give a beloved children’s book a fake backstory — which has stuck around, unnoticed, for five years.
  2. Sarah Palin is following the Glenn Beck playbook, with, a $10-a-month video subscription service. Even if you’re not in her demo, you may still be interested in what she’s selling. The New Yorker took a look.
  3. BuzzFeed editor Katie Notopoulos declared Sunday #UnfollowAMan Day, urging folks to clear their Twitter feeds of unworthy Y-chromosomes. Here’s her longer follow-up explaining why she launched the #movement.
  4. After Amazon’s latest quarter of high growth and missed profit, Ben Thompson blogged at Stratechery about why he’s no longer a believer in the company.
  5. One New Jersey school district found out the hard way that the mortal enemy of a laptop is a careless or malicious 12-year-old, and is now halting their federally-funded student laptop program. Ars Technica has more details.

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