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Mad Max is Coming Back, Freaky Alien Art Never Left, and More #Mustreads

Here's the movie we're most excited about seeing next year. Plus: Why summer is overrated.

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Happy Monday!

Here are some of the links Re/code caught up on over the weekend.

  1. Comic-Con is over, which means movie studios are done trying to whip up a certain demographic’s interest in their tentpoles. Here’s the one we’re most interested in: A Mad Max reboot, featuring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron.
  2. If you’re still looking for some summer reading (hurry!), io9 has you covered with a list of 21 of the best science fiction and fantasy books.
  3. Speaking of summers: Roxane Gay, feminist author and all-around badass, says they are overrated, and we should stop pretending otherwise.
  4. How to get a fancy new HTC phone, free, from HTC: Tell Reddit that your Galaxy S4 caught fire and that Samsung botched its response.
  5. BoingBoing has an interview with William Barker, the artist whose paranoiac Schwa series were big in the 1990s — you know his trademark white alien head — and seem as relevant as ever.

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