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Trailer: The Walking Dead Season 5 looks brutal

Warning: There are some spoilers regarding the past season and upcoming of The Walking Dead in this post.

On Friday, AMC released a trailer for the fifth season of The Walking Dead. The last time we saw Rick and his crew of misfit zombie killers, they had all been rounded up at Terminus and seemingly destined to die (and possibly turned into lunch) at the hands of some floppy-haired hipsters (who might be cannibals).  Well, things don't look like they're going to get any better anytime soon:

Each season of TWD has been a guessing game of "Who's gonna bite it?" Last season was Hershel, preceded by Andrea, Lori, Shane, and Dale. This upcoming season doesn't look great for Glenn…


… or Beth:

Bethhh But, fans of this show know that anything can happen. The Walking Dead premieres on October 12.

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