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Does This Post Make My Ad Look Fat?

Facebook wants to know.

Gil C / Shutterstock

Facebook doesn’t seem to have a lot of problems right now — at the very least, financially speaking. But it can always improve.

Hence a new poll it is sending out to some users — like Re/code’s own Jason Del Rey — asking them for opinions about “organic” posts from their friends, and ads from … advertisers.

The question: Does this post feel like an ad?

This ought to be fairly self-explanatory. But just in case, here’s the opening screen of the survey, followed by two examples of ads that appeared in Jason’s feed, along with a piece of “real” content from his feed. See if you can tell the difference!

facebook survey intro

It’s hard to imagine that either Facebook or its users are having a hard time delineating the difference between these, but it’s always interesting to watch them work this stuff out right in front of us.

I would think a more interesting survey would be one that asked users for their thoughts on “real” content that publishers were paying to promote in the feed — and/or the difference between “real” videos their friends are posting and video ads, which we’re going to see much more of very soon.

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