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Cats in Hamster Wheels, Burger King's 33-Year-Old CEO and More #Mustreads

Also: How to deal with particularly terrible trolls.

One Fast Cat

Hello there! Here is some of the freshest #content Re/code has to offer you this morning:

  1. The Internet allows people to do amazing things. And also this: The Daily Dot highlights a Kickstarter raising money for hamster wheels for cats.
  2. The corporate youth movement isn’t restricted to Silicon Valley. Bloomberg Businessweek introduces us to Burger King’s 33-year-old CEO.
  3. If you’re having a conversation on the street and someone records it via drone and releases it on the Internet, are they curious or awful? In Medium, Anil Dash grapples with questions like these in the context of what’s public versus private on Twitter. The Awl’s John Herrman offers a creative solution to try to settle the debate.
  4. Yelp comments, like the things you see written on the wall of a dive bar bathroom, are generally worth avoiding completely. But one Portland restaurant dealt with a particularly unpleasant Yelper in a great way, by turning his post into a fundraiser for a sexual violence crisis line. Eater has more.
  5. If you or a loved one are afraid of flying because of the recent attack that brought down a passenger plane over Ukraine, don’t worry! The Guardian’s James Ball uses math and jokes to convince you that you’re safe, relatively speaking.

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