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Razer Integrates WeChat Into Its Nabu Wearable, Says It Should Hit U.S. for Under $100

The device is designed to be affordable, while combining some of the best features of a fitness band and smartwatch.


Hardware maker Razer said late Wednesday that it is adding support for WeChat into its forthcoming wearable device, the Nabu smartband.

In addition to getting notifications on the device, WeChat and Razer are exploring how users could exchange contacts by, say, shaking hands or giving a high-five. Nabu owners will also be able to compare fitness stats with fellow WeChat users.

But all of this functionality depends on other people using the Nabu, too, and getting consumers to choose it over the myriad of devices coming from the likes of Samsung, Motorola and LG (not to mention Apple’s upcoming iWatch) will be a huge challenge.

First shown at January’s CES trade show, Nabu is the first wearable device for Razer, which is better known for its gaming products and services. It’s designed to offer some of the best features of a smartwatch and fitness band, and has some unique features like dual notification screens.

Price is another way Razer may be able to differentiate itself. CEO Min-Liang Tan told Re/code that the Nabu should go on the market in the next month or two in the U.S. for less than $100.

“We see this as definitely a mainstream product,” Tan said. “That’s why we’ve made it an open platform [and] priced it competitively.”

Tan said the Nabu will support iOS and Android devices and the company is considering adding Windows Phone support as well.

The Nabu is due to ship in China — where WeChat is a much bigger deal — in the fourth quarter.

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