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Dropbox Boosts Enterprise Features, Has 80,000 Paying Corporate Customers

Without getting into much detail, Dropbox says it has twice the number of corporate customers that rival Box does.

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Cloud file-sharing service Dropbox announced a bunch of new features for its enterprise service today, including the ability to set who has access to edit or only read a file, passwords to shared folders that expire after a set time and a text search capability.

The company also disclosed some numbers around the adoption of its business product, saying it’s now in use at 80,000 paying companies. It didn’t give any clarity, though, into the average size of those companies, which range from big operations like Spotify — Dropbox landed it as a customer in May — to small businesses with as few as a handful of employees.

That 80,000 is twice the number of companies paying Box, Dropbox’s primary rival in the enterprise cloud space. When IPO-bound Box last updated its filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission earlier this month, Box said it had 39,000 paying corporate customers and 2.1 million individuals on paid accounts, which on paper works out to about 54 people per corporate account.

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