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#Mustreads From Other Sites: Shatner Slams Facebook, Anonymous Targets Israel

Captain Kirk is displeased with Facebook's newest app, as are hackers with the Israeli government.


Good morning! Here’s what Re/code is having with our coffee this morning:

  1. Famed app reviewer William Shatner took to his Tumblr yesterday to trash Facebook’s “Mentions,” which you can’t use unless you’re famous.
  2. Mother Jones’s Dana Liebelson looks at the hacker collective Anonymous’s new campaign against the Israeli government.
  3. The Upshot’s Claire Cain Miller explains why technology and Silicon Valley are partly responsible for the collapse in mid-wage jobs during the Great Recession.
  4. Guardian contributor J.R. Hennessy has a message for all you #disruptors: Your utopia sucks, and you’re not going to get people to like you.
  5. What was your favorite year in music? 1994? 2003? Something even further back? Check out the Nostalgia Machine, which auto-assembles a video playlist of the most popular songs from any given year back to 1960.

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