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Today's ruling could drive up Obamacare premiums by 76 percent

Today's federal court decision — ruling that the Obama administration does not have the legal authority to subsidize health insurance plans in more than 30 states — does not touch health law enrollees just yet.

The White House has already clarified shoppers will continue to receive the subsidies they currently have. But if the decision today were to be enacted, it would have massive effects on how much health insurance would cost under Obamacare.

The 5 million Americans who purchased subsidized health insurance through would face an average premium increase of 76 percent, a recent analysis from consulting firm Avalere Health found. The size of the increase would vary significantly by state, mostly depending on the size of the insurance subsidies that people receive right now. In Mississippi, for example, where people tended to get larger subsidies (because they had lower incomes), they would expect to see a 95 percent increase in their monthly premium cases.

Shoppers in Florida, Alaska, Missouri and Georgia would see their premiums rise by more than 80 percent. You can read more from Avalere here.