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#Mustreads From Other Sites: Breaking Up Microsoft, an Airbnb Nightmare

For Microsoft to innovate, maybe it has to bifurcate. Plus an Airbnb guest who just ... won't ... leave.


Good morning! Here’s some of what we’re reading up on here at Re/code:

  1. Microsoft has been stuck in a rut, and Stratechery’s Ben Thompson has a solution: Forget Windows, and split the damn company up.
  2. One of the contenders for the “Airbnb Guest From Hell” championship belt: Business Insider says a renter who goes by “Maksym” has apparently been squatting in his host’s condo for over a month and is threatening to sue to prevent his eviction.
  3. In The Awl, Maria Bustillos flips the bird at Kindle Unlimited, Amazon’s attempt at “disrupting” libraries.
  4. Every episode of the Simpsons will be going online at the end of August. Grab a Krusty Burger.
  5. You can temporarily read all of the New Yorker’s archives for free. How will you figure out what to read? Gizmodo has a compilation of their seven best tech stories of the last seven years.

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