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5 songs released this week you need to hear

Katie White of the Ting Tings
Katie White of the Ting Tings
Shirlaine Forrest/ Getty

The music industry produces, markets, and forgets songs so quickly that it's easy to completely miss a catchy, potentially great song. After a slow post-Fourth of July week, the music industry rebounded with plenty of new singles and EPs to listen to. From the Ting Tings to Sinkane, here are five new songs worth your time:

Ting Tings: "Wrong Club"

"Wrong Club" is the first Ting Tings single in two years and is slated to appear on the band's new album Super Critical when it releases this fall. In the meantime, they've produced this strange warehouse-filmed video, but the song itself is a fun, disco-inspired jam.

Perfume Genius: "Queen"

Michael Hadreas's music is confrontational. His bold lyrics emerge in "Queen" over heavy drums, a loud keyboard, and careful use of distortion. The song, he said, was inspired by "gay panic," and the riffs between verses reflect that panic with a hurried, almost crazed sound.

Jenny Hval & Susanna: "I Have Walked This Body"

From its beginning, "I Have Walked This Body" has a moody choral quality to it. Hval's voice is commanding in a calm, authoritative manner like a lone voice echoing from the front of a massive holy place.  Both singers use their voices to morph the song into a series of rises and falls that are both haunting and entrancing.

Sinkane: "How We Be"

Ahmed Gallab has played in several bands, including Of Montreal and Caribou, but his solo work has been excellent for years.  His previous work as a drummer is obvious in the track's heavy rhythmic quality, but it's Gallab's voice that shines. Here, as Sinkane, Gallab's voice is soulful and lilting, and it carries this track from good to great.

Shlohmo x Jeremih: "Let it Go"

"Let it Go" is experimental pop at its finest. The single from Shlohmo x Jeremih's EP (available for free download here), is weird, flowering, and—like any great pop song—catchy as hell. The EP also includes a collaboration with Chance the Rapper, so it's definitely worth a listen.