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The 23 Twitter accounts to follow on MH17 and Ukraine

Since news broke that Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 went down in eastern Ukraine, a flood of information has poured out from news outlets, on-the-ground correspondents, aviation professionals, and policy experts. News articles are extremely helpful in understanding the complexities of the situation, but quality coverage can also come from Twitter — if you know who to follow.

These Twitter accounts are great for following the unfolding story, getting the facts, learning what matters, and experiencing the perspective from those at the scene.

On the ground in Ukraine

1) Noah Sneider

Journalist providing personal, firsthand accounts of the situation

2) David M. Herszenhorn

Moscow-based New York Times reporter on top of official news coming out of Ukraine

3) Kevin Bishop

BBC News foreign field producer tweeting live updates from the crash site

4) Max Seddon

Sharp-eyed BuzzFeed correspondent

5) Christopher Miller

Editor of the excellent Kiev Post

6) Ukrainian Updates

High-volume feed run by Ukraine activists who helped oust government in February

7) Christian Vermont

Holland-based reporter now living in Ukraine, often tweets photos and videos

Ukraine, Russia, and foreign policy watchers

8) Julia Ioffe

A journalist who is one of, if not the, best on Russia

9) Anne Applebaum

Pulitzer-winning author and columnist

10) Miriam Elder

BuzzFeed editor and former Moscow correspondent

11) Adam Taylor

Washington Post blogger and former Soviet world specialist

12) Hannah Thoburn

Brookings analyst on Russia and eastern Europe

13) Mark Adomanis

Independently minded analyst

14) Michael McFaul

Former US ambassador to Russia, now a bit freer to speak his mind

15) Alexander Kliment

Eurasia Group analyst

16) Peter Baker

New York Times White House correspondent

17) Kevin Rothrock

Sharp-tongued Russia analyst


18) Malaysia Airlines

Official account of Malaysia Airlines: Low-volume, but sends official updates as soon as they're available

19) Aviation Safety

Service of the Flight Safety Foundation, tweets technical info about airline accidents

Live from other areas: Netherlands, Malaysia

20) Patrick Fok

Producer reporting updates from Amsterdam

21) Sumisha Naidu

Channel NewsAsia reporter, live updates from Malaysia

22) Andrew Stevens

CNN journalist, covering local reactions from MH17 captain's hometown in Malaysia

23) Thomas Erdbrink

New York Times bureau chief providing Malaysia Airlines info from Amsterdam

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