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“If it disappears, this is what it looks like,” and other powerful #MH17 photos

The social media coverage of flight MH17, which US intelligence officials say was shot down over eastern Ukraine, began Tuesday afternoon with this tweet from the official Malaysia Airlines account:

Shortly after, numerous photos — some authentic, many questionable — emerged on social media documenting the crash and its aftermath.

Chris York of Huffington Post UK shared this eery Facebook post, reportedly from an MH17 passenger who made a joking reference to the missing Malaysia Flight MH370 before taking off:

Reuters tweeted the first images of the crash site:

Throughout the day, LifeNews Russia has been tweeting screengrabs of its live coverage:

The Associated Press tweeted a video of the fiery crash:

This amateur video is not yet confirmed, but has quickly spread on social media today:

A map from Flightradar24 shows international flights rerouting their paths to avoid all Ukrainian airspace after news of the MH17 crash:

Amidst all the chaos, New York Times reporter Thomas Erdbrink has been live tweeting from the Amsterdam airport where the victims' families have been waiting for answers:

And Mashable executive editor Jim Roberts shared a photo (via Reuters) of a touching memorial to the victims of MH17 outside the Dutch embassy in Kyiv: