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Dodgeball and a "High-Tech" Coffee Table: Re/code's Weekly #tbt (Throwback Tech)

Tough day for Nokia, but one reader remembers his Nokia 7110 "Matrix" phone fondly.

Most of the photo submissions we get for #tbt (Throwback Tech) showcase old-school hardware — vintage cellphones, clunky desktops and the like. But who says #tbt can’t be software, too?

Dennis Crowley seems to agree, as he tweeted us a picture of an early exchange on Dodgeball, his pre-Foursquare application.

But the winner this week might be @cstoller’s contribution. It’s not just one throwback gadget — it’s a whole coffee table filled with them. His favorite, he says, is the Nokia 7110 “Matrix” phone.

And, here’s a link to last week’s #tbt, in case you missed it.

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