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Stephen Colbert's Response to Vessyl Cup: A Smart "Toylyt" (Video)

Colbert: It took less time for man to land on the moon than it did for someone to come up with this one.

Comedy Central

Remember Vessyl, the “smart” drinking cup we told you about last month that auto-magically knows which liquids you’re pouring into it and shares that data with a smartphone?

Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert decided to have a bit of fun with the cup concept on his show earlier this week, first calling out its supposed value proposition (“That level of information was previously available only on the can you just poured it out of!”), ripping on Silicon Valley buzzwords (cue montage of Vessyl engineers boasting the cup’s “real-time” capabilities) and ultimately, coming up with a tech product of his own that measures not what goes in but what comes … out.

The skit’s much funnier to watch than read about, so check out the video below:

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