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Anne Hathaway and Kristen Stewart play dudes in the new Jenny Lewis video

Rainbow-blazer-wearing, indie-rock darling Jenny Lewis released a music video this morning staring Kristen Stewart, Anne Hathaway, Brie Larson, and The Like's drummer Tennessee Thomas. While Jenny Lewis stands front and center strumming her guitar, the four women dance around her dressed in shiny track suits, wearing fake facial hair. Kristen Stewart looks moodily into the camera as she did in all of the Twilight movies. Anne Hathaway does a jump kick. All in all, it's very strange.

The song, "One of the Guys," is the first released single from Lewis's forthcoming album The Voyager, which is her first album in six years. Just in case you couldn't make it through the whole four minutes of this nonsense, here are some gifs to recap the experience.

1) Anne Hathaway Cries


2) Brie Larson flexes


3) Kristen Stewart can't play guitar


4) Kristen Stewart points and thinks


5) Brie is very adamant that she is not the father


6) Kristen Stewart makes a weird face


7) Anne Hathaway is so *blessed*


GIFs by Alex Abad-Santos