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TMZ Exec Heads to Vegas Viral Content Conglomerate Remark Media

Will he bring his TMZ skill set to Vegas? Should Celine Dion be worried?

Joshua Fruhlinger, previously head of digital at celebrity news site TMZ, is joining Las Vegas-based media conglomerate Remark Media to run content.

A publicly traded digital media company, Remark is starting to expand — buying up properties like and making efforts to get into the Asian viral video market. Fruhlinger, who has a track record for making viral content, will be working between Bedstuy, Brooklyn and the Remark office, right off the Vegas strip.

“Both and SlapTV have a lot of upside,” said 43-year-old Fruhlinger. “The young-women-beach-lifestyle-party party with a nice mix of mature health is a very exciting segment.”

At AOL’s Engadget and Joystiq sites, where Fruhlinger was the editorial director, he strengthened the CES coverage.

“We went from a few bloggers with nowhere to sit to having a truck and a light show and being sponsored by Sprint,” he said.

At TMZ, Fruhlinger started their efforts at longform, which became a hit.

“TMZ just had a lot of great content not really all that organized. We started doing these specials, we called them Sagas,” he said. “So you could learn how Justin Bieber turned into the little douchebag that he is, or look and see how Paris Hilton came to be.”

And what’s he going to do at Remark?

“To start off, we’ll do more sports content. Boxing in Asia,” he said. “We’re already sort of responsible for creating an interest in boxing in China by introducing a boxing channel on PPTV, which is their YouTube.”

Will he bring his TMZ skill set to Vegas? Should Celine Dion be worried?

“Not yet,” he said.

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