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Did You See This? Introducing #Mustreads From Other Sites.

Eric Schmidt's poaching problem, DashCon's disaster and the rest of the Web's highlights. Daily! Free! You're welcome!

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Good morning!

Re/code is excited to bring you a new feature: #Mustreads From Other Sites. We hope that title is self-explanatory. And if you want more, we can oblige, with a feed on our front page stocked with good stuff from around the Web. But if you’re in a hurry, here are our favorites to start your day:

  1. Some details of the infamous no-hire agreements reached among different Silicon Valley firms are beginning to come into focus. Quartz’s Dan Frommer has the story, reporting on an email exchange between former Google CEO Eric Schmidt and a senior Google executive. Meanwhile, Valleywag’s Sam Biddle breaks down a section of Sergey Brin’s deposition transcript.
  2. IAC, which owns the Internet dating companies OkCupid and Tinder, acquired the matchmaking and date-suggestion service HowAboutWe. Mike Isaac has details in the New York Times.
  3. The Internet can be a strange, strange place. The Daily Dot’s story on DashCon 2014, a convention for Tumblr culture enthusiasts that turned into a train wreck, is an entertaining reminder of just how strange it can get.
  4. MSNBC anchor Ronan Farrow penned a Washington Post op-ed arguing that Internet companies need to do more to crack down on the calls for violence that appear on their sites. On Twitter, some First Amendment experts were … less than pleased.
  5. For New York Magazine, Kevin Roose asked if anyone outside Silicon Valley even wants a smartwatch. The answer: Maybe?

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