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Watch Steve Liesman demolish Rick Santelli's inflation fearmongering live on CNBC

NBC Newswire

Rick Santelli is a longtime presence on CNBC who's very popular with the commodity traders in Chicago who form the backdrop to his appearances. He's also a big time inflation fearmonger, always warning about the dire consequences of the Federal Reserve's latest moves to bolster the economy. Last and by no means least, he's famous for his 2009 "rant" against bailouts of overly indebted homeowners that did so much to frighten people in the White House away from the politics of debt relief.

Today, Josh Brown of provoked him into a huge meltdown, after which Steve Liesman absolutely took him to school pointing out that anyone who'd listened to his inflationista advice over the years would have lost a ton of money.


It's good to see some much-needed pushback against this worldview. For much more with charts, see our 8 reasons to ignore the latest round of inflation hysteria.

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