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It sure looks like Obamacare is driving down the uninsured rate

Getty Images News

The uninsured rate keeps on falling, the most recent round of Gallup poll data shows.


The downturn in the uninsured rate coincides with the start of the largest expansion of health insurance coverage in more than five decades, which is more commonly known as Obamacare.

The evidence is pretty overwhelming at this point that Obamacare has driven down the uninsured rate. Data from Gallup, the Commonwealth Fund, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation/Urban InstituteRAND Corporation and the Kaiser Family Foundation all have similar findings. Namely, that millions more people have insurance than before Obamacare's insurance expansion.

Yes, Gallup definitely does scale the Y-axis to make the downturn look quite dramatic. But regardless of data visualization decisions, the evidence that Obamacare means fewer people without insurance is becoming pretty overwhelming.