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Samsung Revamps Homegrown App Store

Galaxy Apps, née Samsung Apps, will offer hundreds of apps exclusive to Samsung devices.

Samsung said late Thursday that it is reorganizing and rebranding its app store for phones and tablets.

What was known as Samsung Apps will now be dubbed Galaxy Apps and offer hundreds of apps exclusive to Samsung devices.

Galaxy Apps will include sections to highlight special offers as well as apps designed specifically for Samsung products.

This move highlights the tension between Samsung and Google. They’re both heavily vested in their relationship (Google develops the software on which most of Samsung’s devices run; Samsung is the dominant seller of Android products). And each would like to control it.

The two publicly praise each other as important partners, with each struggling at times to find ways to check the other’s power.

Samsung recently scrapped its movie service and has scaled back other projects, while Google is getting out of the direct handset manufacturing business, selling Motorola Mobility to Lenovo.

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