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"All News Should Be Delivered in GIFs": How to Announce a Product Delay

Or, how to make everyone love the messenger with bad news.

Why aren’t product delays always this fun?

The two-man development team at Australian independent game studio Powerhoof had planned to launch a playable beta of its first game, Crawl, next week. Today, it said the game would be delayed for an indefinite amount of time: “It could be a couple of days, it could be a couple of weeks (we REALLY hope not!),” Powerhoof wrote in a blog post.

The reason for the delay? A tax form mix-up.

But at least the developers have a good sense of humor about the ordeal: They announced the delay via an animated GIF recounting their hubris:

The end result of this is that now people are talking about the funny GIF rather than the bummer news that the game could arrive weeks later than they had hoped. Potential fans who saw the game’s awesome Vincent Price-y trailer are now laughing with, not shooting, the messenger.

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