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Punch Cards, Game Boy Pocket and ... iPhone 5? Re/code's Weekly #tbt (Throwback Tech).

Allow me to wax nostalgic about Nintendo for a bit.

About a year and a half ago I had a serendipitous night in Japan during which I discovered a second-floor bar that was filled with old-school video game consoles: Sega Genesis Mega Drive, the original Nintendo Entertainment System and more. Hours went by while I played Mario Bros., not wanting to switch it up once I got the cartridge to actually load.

Nintendo holds a special place in the hearts of children of the ’80s, despite the company’s current challenges. So thanks, Emma Kessler (@ekess2015), for sending in a pic of your Game Boy Pocket for this week’s #tbt — Throwback Tech.

(These kids, however, aren’t nearly as impressed.)

There were other great submissions this week as well: Some punch cards from Steven Sinofsky’s freshman year at Cornell (circa 2007, we believe); a Philips ISIS cellphone, which in the late ’90s was known for its impressively long battery life; and even … an iPhone 5? I guess it’s all about perspective!

And if you’re wondering what last week’s #tbts were, you can find them here.

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