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T-Mobile Moves Its Latest Uncarrier Event to Seattle, Piggy-Backing on Amazon Launch

It will now have the event on the evening of June 18, shortly after Amazon holds its device launch.


Rather than force mobile reporters to choose between its event in LA and Amazon’s phone launch in Seattle, T-Mobile said Monday it is moving its June 18 event to Seattle.

T-Mobile said it would move its event to the night of the 18th, somewhere in downtown Seattle, pitching the shift as another way the company is listening to its constituencies.

“We heard a lot of journalists were planning to cover one or both events remotely, or send people to two places on the 18th,” T-Mobile said. “What a pain! And, you know, we do love to eliminate pain points. So, in true Un-carrier fashion, we are eliminating this pain point by moving Un-carrier 5.0 to Seattle on June 18th.”

T-Mobile is still likely to see its news play second fiddle to Amazon’s, but at least this way it is likely to get a good turnout. The company has used past “Uncarrier” events to do away with cellphone contracts, offer free and low-cost international roaming and to announce its Jump early-upgrade program.

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