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Amazon Device Launch Invites Show Off "3-D" Interface

"It moved with me."

Amazon announced today it will hold a “device unveiling” event on June 18 in Seattle, dropping hints that correspond with what we already know about its project to build a mobile phone.

In a video, Amazon showed what appear to be beta testers moving their heads from side to side while looking at something held offscreen. “It moved with me,” one of them says.

This seems to be the “3-D” display that Re/code and others previously reported on.

Sources tell Re/code that one advantage of this display will supposedly be that the phone can be moved from right to left to navigate, so a user can interact with the interface with only one hand. Both HTC and Samsung have experimented with 3-D and eye-tracking displays — on their HTC EVO 3D and Samsung Galaxy S4, respectively — but neither to great effect.

An Amazon representative said the event would be for customers, developers and the media, but didn’t offer further details.

As a twist, Amazon isn’t sending out invitations, but encouraging those who want to attend to apply.

Update: Asked whether this would be the long-expected phone, an Amazon representative said, “You’ll have to wait and see.”

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