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Watch every plane that crosses the Atlantic Ocean in a day

flights across the atlantic
flights across the atlantic
screencap from video

Transatlantic flights are a stressful experience. The seats are small, the hours in the air feel meaningless, and every three hours you're sure you've lost your passport. But passenger stress is nothing compared to the stress of making sure all those flights go off without a hitch.

NATS Holding is an air traffic control provider in charge of arranging planes in the air to keep them a safe distance from one another. They created a video that shows just how difficult that job is. This video shows all flights taken over a 24 hour period in August 2013. Each flight is animated by a blue dot that travels across the atlantic.

Watch 2,524 blue dots fly across the Atlantic to music much more soothing than the flights they represent.

This video was made by North Atlantic Skies on Vimeo.

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