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Want to Know All the Techies Playing in Sun Valley Next Week? Bokay!

My invite must have been lost in the mail.

So, I got a little bored yesterday and what with it being a holiday week, I decided to see just how many copies of the invited guest list for the exclusive Sun Valley mogul confab run by tony investment bankers Allen & Co. that I could get my hot little hands on.

A half-dozen and counting, without a lot of effort, as it turns out.

There have been dribs and drabs of info about who has been invited to come out to the Idaho resort for some fun, sun and power-schmoozing, such as perennial players like the inevitable passel of Murdochs, Disney head Bob Iger and the Aereo-damaged Barry Diller (he’ll doubtlessly power through). That includes buckets of tech fancies, especially the obvious ones such as Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and Alibaba man-of-the-hour Jack Ma.

But there are lots more digital luminaries, largely from Silicon Valley, invited, although not all are attending. In any case, it’s instructive to me to see just who the active Allen deal makers think rates. (Not me, obviously, as I am a new CEO; I prefer to think that my invite must have been lost in the mail!)

(There are a bunch of reporters allowed in, past the media hoi polloi who have to cool their heels in the lobby, like The New Yorker’s Ken Auletta, New York Times’ Andrew Ross Sorkin, NBC’s Becky Quick, CNN’s Erin Burnett and the inevitable Charlie Rose.)

Here is the long list — largely dudes — in alphabetical order, with my personal description to help others in attendance (sorry if I missed anyone):

Marc Andresseen, tweet-happy — some say nutso, but not me! — VC.
Tim Armstrong, AOL CEO and possessor of fab cheekbones.
Nikesh Arora, hungry Google business head and best dressed.
Neil Ashe, Walmart’s digital dude.
Craig Barrett, ex-Intel big.
Jeff Bezos, Amazon kingpin and nascent emperor of drones and phones.
Aneel Bhusri, Workday cloud man.
Steve Boal, clipper.
Jeff Boyd, Priceline.
Sergey Brin, Google X superhero.
Ursula Burns, Xerox CEO.
Wences Casares, Xapo’s bitcoin preacher.
Lew Cirne, New Relic CEO and founder.
Ron Conway, because who doesn’t want a man not afraid to yell at VCs there?
Tim Cook, Apple CEO.
Dick Costolo, because who doesn’t want the quippy Twitter CEO there?
Eddy Cue, because he just bought Beats for Apple and he might bring Jimmy Iovine.
Michael Dell, because his name is Michael Dell.
Scott Dietzen, Pure Storage head.
John Donahoe, eBay CEO.
Jon Orringer, founder and CEO of Shutterstock.
Jack Dorsey, who is not Square in any way whatsoever, especially in matters sartorial.
Tom Evans, Bankrate.
Bill Gates, because he’s Bill Gates.
Melinda Gates, because she’s Melinda Gates.
Dan Gilbert, Quicken Loans.
Dave Goldberg, SurveyMonkey head monkey.
Bing Gordon, KPCB VC and poet.
Reed Hastings, Netflix maker of sassy-ladies-in-prison shows.
John Hering, Lookout founder.
Kaz Hirai, Sony CEO.
Reid Hoffman, because if you have Conway and Andreessen, you need to have Reid.
WP Hong, Samsung.
Ben Horowitz, see Reid Hoffman.
Drew Houston, founder and CEO of Dropbox.
Paul Jacobs, Qualcomm chairman.
Jeff Jordan, Andreessen Horowitz.
Alex Karp, Palantir CEO.
Brian Kelly, Activision Blizzard.
David Kenny, Weather Channel CEO (note: Don’t sit him next to Marissa).
Dara Khosrowshahi, Expedia.
Bobby Kotick, Activision Blizzard.
Blake Krikorian, sometime Microsoft exec and fulltime entrepreneur.
Brian Krzanich, Intel CEO and wearer of wearable shirts.
Renaud Laplanche, LendingClub.
Martin Lau, Tencent.
Gregory Lee, Samsung.
Jay Lee, Samsung.
Eric Lefkofsky, Groupon.
Ted Leonsis, guy who watches Lefkofsky.
Max Levchin, HVF major domo and maker of baby-making app.
Phil Libin, Evernote.
Richard Liu,
Steve Luczo, Seagate.
Jack Ma, no intro needed.
Don Mattrick, Zynga CEO.
Marissa Mayer, no sleep jokes please.
Lowell McAdam, Verizon.
Brian McAndrews, chairman of Pandora (and seller of pricey advertising tech companies to Microsoft).
Mickey Mikitani, Rakuten.
Craig Mundie, Microsoft.
Nathan Myhrvold, Intellectual Ventures (but we like him anyway).
Jon Oringer, Shutterstock.
Larry Page, he runs some search company.
Mark Pincus, not Zynga CEO.
Tom Reilly, CEO of Cloudera.
Danny Rimer, Index Ventures.
Ali Rowghani, who is listed as Twitter exec, but is no longer there.
Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO and persistent leaner-inner.
Eric Schmidt, Google and the most interesting man in the world.
Ben Silbermann, Pinterest honcho and perhaps nicest man in Silicon Valley.
Bob Swan, eBay.
Peter Thiel, see Ben Horowitz.
Sebastian Thrun, Udacity.
Nirav Tolia, Nextdoor.
Owen Van Natta, second most interesting man in the world.
Martin Varsavsky, FON.
Mike Volpi, Index Ventures (hey, don’t hang with Danny).
Dave Wehner, Facebook.
Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn.
Fred Wilson, blogger and he also does ventures capital.
Nick Woodman, GoPro (avoid his gaze as he is taking a video of you right now).
Jerry Yang, who likes me against his better instincts.
Mark Zuckerberg, last but not least (in fact, he probably is first).

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