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One Public Scoops Up Small Developer, Looks to Boost Its Windows Chops

CEO Fahad Khan said the acquisition of the 10-person Telephony Media will give the company added resources.

New York-based One Public said Tuesday it is acquiring Telephony Media, a small maker of mobile apps.

One Public CEO Fahad Khan said the acquisition of the 10-person firm is part of the company’s effort to grow its mobile development resources and, in particular, to devote more resources toward Windows.

While most smaller developers are splitting their time between iOS and Android, Khan said Windows (both Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone) represent a significant, but largely untapped, opportunity.

“The majority of the PCs are not on Windows 8 but they will move to Windows 8 very fast over time,” Khan said in an email interview. “Additionally, there isn’t an intense competition on Windows 8 that you see on iOS. So if you have a fairly good product you can get a huge distribution.”

Khan said that in addition to the acquired talent, the company has 20 of its own mobile developers, with three-quarters working on Windows and the rest on iOS. It hopes to add as many as 20 more Windows developers this summer if expected business comes through.

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