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People in Turkey Can Go Back to Watching "Gangnam Style" on YouTube

A high court ruled that the country's ban on the site was unconstitutional.


YouTube is no longer blocked in Turkey, four days after a high court ruled that the country’s ban on the site was unconstitutional.

This follows a similar blocking-ruling-unblocking of Twitter in Turkey. YouTube was officially inaccessible in the country for 67 days, almost five times as long as Twitter. (As always, some residents found ways to get around the blocks).

Both sites had hosted wiretaps and recordings of phone calls and meetings of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and others that in some cases suggested corruption and in others shared top-secret national security details.

YouTube confirmed that the ban had been lifted, saying, “We are glad that YouTube has been restored in Turkey following our successful appeal to the courts, and that people and businesses can once again access and share information on YouTube.”

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