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Online Student Hub Chegg Pays $30 Million for Tutoring Network InstaEDU

The education tech company hopes it can scale a localized offering.

Chegg, the online educational tools company, said it had acquired InstaEDU, a digital tutoring network, for $30 million in cash.

The Santa Clara, Calif. based company said the deal — expected to close by the end of June — allows it to scales the offering into a platform “that connects students with on-demand tutors in more than 2,500 subjects, ranging from high school and standardized test prep, all the way through advanced college concepts for as little as $0.40 per minute.”

“InstaEDU uses tech as an advantage,”said Chegg Chairman and CEO Dan Rosensweig, who noted that there were more disparate offerings available now, in an interview yesterday. “With 13 million students on our platform, it is a massive advantage to offer on-demand tutoring, anytime, anywhere, on any device.”

InstaEDU was founded to bring better tech solutions to the typically localized tutoring arena, well beyond simple scheduling by offering video, voice, or text help to students. Its co-founder and CEO, Alison Johnston Rue will lead Chegg’s tutoring business. “Combining with Chegg instantly gives our on-demand tutoring platform access to Chegg’s network of 13 million high school and college students, and together we can move quickly to reduce the cost of learning and improve grades and graduation rates across the board,” she said in a statement.

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