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Intel Says 130 Tablet Models With Its Chips Launching This Year

The company, behind in mobile, still hopes to see its chips in 40 million tablets this year.

Asa Mathat

Intel, which has set an ambitious goal of powering 40 million tablets this year, said Monday that its chips are designed into 130 new Android and Windows tablets.

More than a dozen are being launched at the Computex trade show taking place this week in Taiwan, Intel said. The company also announced a variety of other things, including a quad-core chip with each processing unit running at 4GHz. It also made the first phone call using a phone powered by SoFIA–a design that uses in-house Intel processing but is manufactured by outside foundries.

Speaking at the Code Conference last week, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich reiterated the company is still aiming to reach he 40 million tablet goal.

“I’m not giving up on the phone and the tablet space,” he said.

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