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Re/wind: Google's Big Show, Facebook's Diversity Numbers and More

A quick look at the news that dominated Re/code this week.

It’s summer! That means you have every excuse to miss big headlines, because you should be at the beach, or drinking iced tea while watching the sunset and reading a fun, trashy novel. If you need a recap of what’s been happening over the last week, don’t worry — here’s the news that dominated Re/code this week:

  1. Google held its annual I/O conference this week, and hoo boy, did the megacorporation try to sate the salivating techie masses. The company unveiled the latest iteration of Android, for now simply called “L,” and Android TV. Google also launched a new initiative to bring more affordable smartphones to developing countries, and offered details on Android Auto. The event was not without some controversy, however, as protesters disrupted a keynote address on Wednesday. You’ll find a rundown of the big numbers trumpeted during the I/O keynote here, and more event coverage here, here and here.
  2. On the heels of Google and Yahoo’s release of data on the diversity of their respective workforces, Facebook did the same. Unsurprisingly, the company’s numbers were not much different from those of its competitors.
  3. The Supreme Court handed down a number of headline-grabbing judgments this week. It ruled against the TV streaming service Aereo, forcing the company to pause its service. The Court also said that police need a warrant to look through your cell phone, finding that digital privacy rights are much the same as physical ones.
  4. Thought Google would be the first to bring self-driving car technology consumers? Think again.
  5. The arms race for new digital health technology is heating up, as companies release more and more personal fitness and health products.
  6. What are eSports? Here’s an explainer on the fast-growing professional video game circuit, and what its growth means for fans.
  7. The digital commerce company Stripe inked an important deal with Alibaba this week, giving Chinese consumers access to Western brands and products.
  8. Tom Wheeler, the embattled head of the FCC, took an under-the-radar trip to Silicon Valley to discuss net neutrality.
  9. Curious about what young tech leaders should do once the startup boom slows down? Check out this Re/code guest column from theMix Agency founder Vanessa Camones.

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