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Watch all three Transformers movies in 3 minutes

A clip from the Transformers movie
A clip from the Transformers movie
Paramount Pictures

Don't re-watch all seven-plus hours of the robot fighting, world destroying Transformers series just to go see the fourth installment that hits theaters tonight. Instead, Vulture's Abe Riesman has made a three minute comprehensive plot recap. Whether you've seen the movies twelve times or are going in blind, this video will catch you up on all the confusing plot twists and robot names.

The video is full of gems that explain characters like "Optimus Prime, who is their leader, transforms into a semi, and has a big ass sword" and lay out the major plot points of the movie for you. Maybe the biggest relief is that former child star and crying artist, Shia LaBeouf, will not be returning for the fourth movie. Instead, the series will welcome Mark Wahlberg as its protagonist for Transformers: Age of Extinction.

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