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R. Kelly talks about his trans son for the first time

R. Kelly performs
R. Kelly performs
Michael Tran/ Getty

R. Kelly, the R&B singer famous for "Trapped in the Closet," spoke out for the first time about his son, Jay Kelly, who came out as trans last month.

When asked about the situation at the WCGI Summer Jam, R. Kelly—after calling the host out on her insensitive phrasing of the question—said that "No matter what they are or who they are, they are still your kids, you love them. You got to support them." When asked about the interview on, Jay Kelly wrote, "I watched the video and already know he accepts me." But he has also said that his father is not particularly big part of his life. "It's not that I don't like him," Kelly said. "He made bad choices, and I don't want a relationship with him."

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