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Google I/O, by the Numbers

The Android platform now boasts a billion monthly active users.

Vjeran Pavic for Re/code

Some of the key figures from Google’s I/O developer conference keynote this morning:

Android activations: In 2013, Google saw 900 million activations of Android devices. For comparison, it had it had 60 million activations in 2010, 100 million in 2011 and 400 million in 2012. The Android platform now boasts a billion monthly active users. People check their Android phones a total of 100 billion times each day, and according to Google Senior Vice President Sundar Pichai, there are 93 million selfies taken every day on Android.

Android tablets: Two years ago, Android tablets accounted for 39 percent of market share. Last year, that number was 46 percent. This year, Android tablets represent 62 percent of the global market. (Note: These are shipment numbers being used as indicators of predicted usage.) A year ago, 28 percent of tablet usage on YouTube was Android; now it’s 42 percent.

Google Play: Pichai told the audience that 93 percent of Google Play subscribers had the latest version of the service installed.

Google Chrome: At the beginning of 2013, there were 27 million active users on Chrome for mobile. Today, there are over 300 million.

Games and Google: Three out of four Android users play games. Google has paid out $5 billion to developers since last year’s I/O.

Google Drive: Google Drive has 190 million monthly active users, marking 85 percent growth over the past year. Among the users of Google Drive are 67 of the top 100 startups, 58 percent of the Fortune 500 and 72 top universities.

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