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What to Expect at Google I/O: Set-Tops, Watches, No Nexus Tablet

It's Google's third attempt at TV services.

Google is expected to spin its vision of your connected life at its I/O developers’ conference tomorrow. Underpinning that will be a suite of hardware devices. Here’s what we’re hearing on that front.

Google is also expected to reveal its latest attempt at bringing Android to TVs, according to sources. Much like its smartphone approach, the TV effort will take multiple forms and come from a variety of manufacturers. Among those is a set-top box, code-named Molly, which should make its debut on Wednesday.

For the Android team, it’s at least the third try to crack the TV space, as both prior Google TV efforts met with tepid receptions. Android’s approach in the past has been to combine apps and a browser with the TV experience, while the more limited (and more successful) approach from the Chrome team has been a small device that can display video content that is sent over from a smartphone or tablet.

As expected, the first crop of Android Wear devices will make their debut, with wrist wear coming from Motorola, Samsung and LG. All three companies have their hardware ready to show in San Francisco, though they are all going to be limited to demoing just a few features on Wednesday, with the hardware makers more free to show their efforts starting Thursday.

Not expected to be seen at the show, though, is a Nexus tablet from HTC powered by the K1 chip from Nvidia. Such a mid-sized tablet is still expected to enter the market, but not until later this year, sources said, adding that a tablet debut at the developer conference was unlikely.

A Google representative declined to comment.

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