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Pebble Partners With Misfit to Add Activity Tracking to Its Smartwatch

Some data will be accessible directly from the watch, while calorie-burning and other details will be available from Misfit's iPhone app.


Pebble said Tuesday that it has partnered with Misfit in a deal that will see owners of its smart watches gain access to a greater array of activity tracking.

Misfit makes its own wearable product, the Shine, which offers details on steps taken and other activity. But Pebble owners will soon be able to get similar information straight from their watches. A new version of Misfit’s iOS app will show additional data not on the watch, such as the number of calories burned or distance traveled.

Pebble already has other partnerships in the fitness space for tracking of sleep, steps and swimming.

“When we created Pebble, we designed it with health and fitness in mind, ­making it waterproof and including an accelerometer,” Pebble said in a blog post. “Since then, we’ve partnered with RunKeeper, Strava, Puma and many more.”

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