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With Debut of Nokia X2, Microsoft Extends Its Android Bet

Like previous models, the X2 is geared toward entry-level smartphone buyers in emerging markets.


Although some thought Microsoft might abandon Nokia’s foray into Android, the experiment is continuing.

On Tuesday, Microsoft’s device unit is introducing the Nokia X2, a larger-screen, beefed-up version of the Nokia X phone introduced earlier this year. The device, which had been both leaked and teased, will sell for 99 euros when it goes on sale next month.

As with its predecessors, the X2 uses the open-source version of Android, with services from Microsoft and Nokia replacing those typically provided by Google. And, like the other models, it is geared toward entry-level smartphone buyers in emerging markets.

New this time on the software side are built-in support for OneNote, a third page in the Fast Lane home screen app and a pull-down notification tree.

Microsoft said the Nokia X line has met with some success in various countries, becoming the No. 1 smartphone in Pakistan, the No. 3 smartphone in India and tops in its price range in a number of other countries.

“That’s a very strong start for Nokia X,” Microsoft mobile phone marketing VP Jussi Nevanlinna said in a telephone interview. He noted that it is also reaching its other goal — increasing use of Microsoft services in those countries.

Microsoft also says it is making progress adding more titles to its curated Nokia Store, though the company won’t say how many Android apps have now been vetted to work properly on the Nokia X line.

Also, it appears Nokia is recycling product names, as this is not the first phone to bear the Nokia X2 name.

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