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Amazon Says Some People Have Streamed Some Music From Its New Music Streaming Service

You don't say!

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In a break from tradition, Amazon is distributing data about its new music service that provides deep insight and useful context.


Okay. Here’s what Amazon really said this morning: In the first 7 days after Prime Music launched, “Prime members streamed tens of millions of songs — that’s millions of hours of music — and added tens of millions of songs and more than a million Prime Playlists to their music libraries.”

That’s it.

So let’s fill in a few gaps on our own.

  • Only Amazon Prime subscribers can use the new music service, and Amazon has previously said it has at least 20 million Prime subs. But that’s an international number, and Prime Music only works in the U.S., for now.
  • Pandora, which looks to be the music service Amazon is targeting here, has 77 million active users, all of them in the U.S. It says those listeners streamed 1.73 billion hours of music in May.

Correction: An earlier version of this post incorrectly reported the time period covered in Amazon’s statement.

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