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This map shows the most liberal and conservative towns in your state

Talking about the folly of the Iraq War in Philadelphia would likely get you many nodding heads. But try that a few hours away, in Allensville, Pennsylvania, and a lot of people might get upset with you.

This map, compiled by Business Insider using Clarity Campaign Labs data, shows the two towns in each state that are on completely different ends of the political spectrum:


(Business Insider)

The map is based on a series of questions that ask about party affiliation, abortion, global warming, gun control, and taxes. So it doesn't pick up the nuance of some political issues, but it does cover a range of topics.

Some of the results aren't really shocking. I don't think anyone is going to be in awe that Berkeley, California, for instance, is the most liberal town in California.

But there are a few surprises. The liberal Wichita, Kansas, for example, is right by the conservative Elbing, Kansas. As an Ohioan, I was also a little surprised to see the most conservative town in the state is in the northwest part of the state instead of the notoriously conservative southwest portion, where Speaker John Boehner is from.

The map, of course, also misses quite a few towns. If you want to know which exact town would best match your politics, try Clarity Campaign Labs' questionnaire.

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