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3 songs released this week you need to hear

Jessie Ware performs at Coachella
Jessie Ware performs at Coachella
Jason Kempin

The music industry produces, markets, and forgets songs so quickly that it's easy to completely miss a catchy, potentially great song. Summer is kicking into high gear now and albums are dropping right and left.

This was a slow week for major releases with most big artists waiting until early July, and Jennifer Lopez's new album "A.K.A." disappointed. So instead, here are three great songs that were released this week by non-Top 40 artists:

Jessie Ware: "Tough Love"

Jessie Ware teams up with mega-producer Benny Blanco for her latest single "Tough Love." In a press release, Ware said the song was her "experimenting with my voice and having fun with it." "Tough Love" is first release for her upcoming album, which has been rumored to include a duo with Ed Sheeran and will be released August 3.

Ware's first album Devotion was released in 2012, and is generally worth check out, not least for lead single "Wildest Moments."

White Lung: "Down It Goes"

"I'm not as strong as you," White Lung's song "Down it Goes" begins, but everything about this song, and the band's new album Deep Fantasy, is plenty strong. Lead singer Anne-Marie Vassilou, has the passion and the grooves of a young Courtney Love circa Hole.

Broods: "Mother and Father"

"I don't wanna wake up lonely/ I don't wanna just be fine. I don't wanna keep on hoping/ forget what I had in mind, "New Zealand brother-sister duo, Broods, sings in their new single "Mother & Father."  They dropped their debut Bridges in November of 2012 and it carried the emotional weight of a much more mature album. If "Mother & Father" is any sign, their upcoming LP Evergreen should be as heartbreaking as it is anthemic.