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Microsoft Teases Tuesday Launch for New Nokia Device

"Summer brings out our inner glow," Nokia said in the vaguely worded teaser.


Microsoft’s devices unit is teasing a Tuesday launch for a new product, perhaps in the Nokia X line of Android-based products.

The company posted an item to its Conversations blog on Friday, with a countdown clock and a green logo similar to that used with the X line that made its debut at Mobile World Congress.

“Summer brings out our inner glow,” Nokia said in the vaguely worded teaser. “Stay tuned to Conversations to find out what we’ve got in store.”

With the X line, Nokia uses a version of open source Android, but relies on a combination of Microsoft and Nokia services as opposed to those made by Google. Some had wondered if the effort would survive the handset unit’s acquisition by Microsoft. Thus far, Microsoft seems to have bought into the idea of using X as a way to get entry-level phone buyers that are unlikely to buy a Windows Phone to at least use some of the company’s services.

A Microsoft representative was not immediately available for comment. We should know soon enough, as the calendar shows a little more than two days until the launch.

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