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Internet of Pings: The Full Code Conference Video of Nest's Tony Fadell

The Internet of Things is going to be communicating a wide range of information about every one of us.

Asa Mathat

As promised, we’re posting the full videos of interviews from the recent Code Conference.

A new video of one of the many stellar speakers for the event, which took place three weeks ago in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif., will go up every day. (You can see a compilation video of the speakers here.)

Here’s star entrepreneur Tony Fadell, a key player in the creation of the Apple iPod and the co-founder and CEO of smarthome device maker Nest. The startup was bought by Google for $3.2 billion recently, and Fadell now has a whole lot of backing to take his big ideas about the “Internet of Things” large.

While he does not like that phrase, as it develops, Fadell thinks it will be communicating — ping, ping, ping — via hardware and software a wide range of information about every one of us.

So far, it’s just super-smart thermostats and smoke alarms, but there is a bigger picture here, as you will see from this interview Fadell did with Walt Mossberg.

Here’s the full video, which is very timely since Google just acquired home monitoring startup Dropcam for Nest for $555 million:

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