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If Comcast Doesn't Want to Be Hated, It Might Want to Avoid Ads Like This One (Video)

"So, you notice any buffering?" "No, sir!"

As it looks to get bigger and presses its case in the heated net neutrality debate, Comcast* says it doesn’t want to be the bad guy.

If you’ve caught any of the online discussion around a recent gamer-targeted ad from Comcast, though, some of its customers think otherwise. The ad in question is for Xfinity Internet, and how it’s supposedly so fast that “real gamers” won’t notice buffering or lag when they play online:

The problem is that the game shown in the ad is Ubisoft’s Trials Fusion, which notably does not have any online gameplay. The game modes shown in the ad are only played offline, and would look and feel identical if the Wi-Fi were completely turned off.

“Notice how smoothly your Blu-ray is playing?” Redditor kiseraitpa snarked in response. “That’s the speed of Comcast Internet.”

As Consumerist points out, there is one tiny out that might explain what Comcast was trying to do here — the ad shows the gamers standing in front of an X1 cable box, which the cable giant plans to use as a sort-of console competitor, streaming games over the Web. A weak Internet connection would definitely hinder those nascent cloud-gaming ambitions.

However, those plans have yet to be officially confirmed, and the company said to top Comcast’s list is EA, not Ubisoft. The ad shown above also calls very little attention to the X1 (I assumed it was an Xbox at first). All around, this seems to be more run-of-the-mill inattention to detail than anything else.

* Comcast’s NBCUniversal unit is an investor in Revere Digital, Re/code’s parent company.

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