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Notorious sleazebag Dov Charney fired from American Apparel

woman walks in front of an american apparel
woman walks in front of an american apparel
Scott Olson

Dov Charney, the founder of American clothing line American Apparel, was fired last night by the company's board of directors terminating his employment as President and CEO, according to Business Wire.

The Board said that their decision came from the ongoing investigations into Charney's misconduct. Dov Charney founded the clothing line in 1989, and took it public in 2006. His time as CEO has been littered with scandals and controversy:

Directors David Danzinger and Allen Mayer will succeed Charney as the company's co-chairmen of the board. Until the board finds a replacement for Charney, executive vice president and chief financial officer John Luttrell will serve as interim CEO.

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