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Post-Post-PC CEO: The Full Code Conference Video of Microsoft's Satya Nadella

The longtime veteran was chosen earlier this year as the software giant's third leader in its history.

As promised, we’re posting the full videos of interviews from the recent Code Conference.

A new video of one of the many stellar speakers for the event, which took place two weeks ago in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif., will go up every day. (You can see a compilation video of the speakers here.)

Today, it’s the opening night interview with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, the longtime Microsoft veteran who was chosen as the software giant’s third leader in its history earlier this year.

India-born Nadella was an interesting choice for CEO, as you will see here in this interview with me and Walt Mossberg. He is faced with a range of challenges from Microsoft’s efforts in the mobile, gaming, search and content arenas and how it evolves its most powerful enterprise business. In all these areas, the company faces myriad competitors, such as Google and Apple.

Nadella talked about all this and more, from his relationship with Microsoft co-founder and former CEO Bill Gates to how he does not intend to sell the Bing search business to Yahoo to his 3.5 main focuses.

Here’s the full video of the interview:

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