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Dingo! Did Not! John Oliver and FCC head Tom Wheeler Trapped in Perpetual Viral Video Loop.

The HBO host responds to the response to his response. Dramamine, please.

Net neutrality is a knotty, nuanced problem. It can take a lot of work to sort out the technology and public policy issues involved.

But videos of a comedian calling the head of the FCC a dingo?

Now you’re talking!

So here is HBO’s John Oliver, responding last night to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler’s response to John Oliver. If you want the full background, you can see Amy Schatz’s report from last week.

Meanwhile, please note that Oliver’s original net neutrality rant — the one where he made the Wheeler/dingo connection in the first place — has 3.7 million views on YouTube. Pretty good! But it’s no Evian Spider-Man Baby. It’s also no John Oliver rant on the corruption that underlies the World Cup and soccer in general, which has rung up five million views in less time.

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